Unnamed Client Portal

Started: January 2019

Status: Onhold

Let's just refer to this project as "Project W" going forward. Will be easier than re-writing "Unnamed Client Portal" everytime 🙃

Project W was meant to be a whitelabeled portal that web agencies and developers could add their clients to easily manage their one-time and recurring revenue. This project too mainly started to fill a need of my own and is ultimately why I stopped working on it.

Project Spec/Interesting Idea

The idea was that a web agency or freelancer could sign up and get their client portal on a subdomain that they could connect their domain to (similar to Resume'ed) and customize the logo/colours to fit their branding. Once set up, we would link to their Stripe account to pull in any subscriptions already active. Then, as the user grows their business they could invite customers to join their "client portal" to manage their own subscriptions. Ultimately, the idea was that eventually it would encompass all aspects of the web design/development business. Everything from managing projects, feedback, invoices, etc. an all out CRM dedicated to the web design/development industry.


Ultimately, I started moving away from client management and stopped taking on new clients. Therefore, this project stopped making sense for me to complete. From my last commit message, I believe the project is at the point where a user could manage their clients, including inviting the clients onto the portal.

If you might be interested in picking up this project feel free to connect with me on Twitter!