Started: January 2020

Status: Building Waitlist

Send stunning invitations and manage RSVPs with a click of a button.


I started andRSVP to fill a need my partner was facing. She was looking for an easy and inexpensive way to send out bridal shower invitations for her cousin. Except, almost everything charged you monthly or yearly.

This was annoying because how do you know how long the respondents are going to take to get back to you? Especially if the event (like in this case) is just over half a year away. Would that you would need to pay monthly while you wait for that one person to reply...

Anyways, after a bit of thought I realized that sending and tracking RSVPs is actually super simple. Like super super simple... So I put together a quick MVP using Laravel Spark and my partner was able to send out all her invites with ease (and for free - thanks SendGrids old free plan!).


Well... COVID-19 kind of threw a wrench into the works for the bridal shower... so it was cancelled.

Oh, you mean andRSVP? Everything is up and running and my partner and I will definitely use it in the future, but in terms of public I decided to launch a waitlist and if it hits 50-100 potential users I will open it up.

I did put some thought into monetization, I am thinking if I do launch it we will only charge per event (no monthly fees) and based on the number of invites you are sending. I have an excel sheet somewhere with the math for it!

If you are interested, you should definitely join the waitlist!